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Canadian Curriculum Press

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eBook Reading Readiness Pre Kindergarten: Letters and sounds Aa to Zz, and much more!

eBook - Give your child a head start with this key early reading skills primer. Reading Readiness Pre-K contains easy to follow upper and lower case matching games that help kids improve alphabet letter recognition. Missing letter puzzles promote critical thinking and visual discrimination, while rhyming phonics practice helps kids recognize letter sounds.

Product Reviews: “Canadian children will enjoy working at their own pace through these colourful workbooks as an at-home adjunct to the school curriculum” —Amanda Anderson, Canadian Elementary School Teacher

“By reviewing and reinforcing important concepts taught in schools, this workbook series helps Canadian children experience the pleasure of successful learning...an important building block of future success at school and beyond!” —Kevin Misner, Canadian Elementary School Teacher

About the Author: Canadian Curriculum Press, an imprint of Telegraph Road Entertainment, is dedicated to helping children thrive in school and beyond.A market leader with over 6 million books sold, Canadian Curriculum Press is one of the only publishers today whose educational materials are written and designed in Canada by teachers working in the Canadian classroom.Our products boost academic skills and prepare children for success from pre-kindergarten to grade four, all while making learning fun through full-colour designs and Canadian themes!

Special Features                Inside Reading Readiness Pre-K

  • Full colour workbook
  • Conforms to Ministry of Education Guidelines
  • Includes sorting and matching

Educational Notes

Colourful illustrations connect letters to everyday objects and reinforce meaning. Paired with alphabet sentence activities, kids will learn sequential order and active listening skills as they progress through the activities.Filled with Canadian themes by our classroom teachers, this workbook prepares pre-kindergarten children for the curriculum they will find in the classroom, readying them for success in school and beyond.

  • Look for other books in the highly popular Reading Readiness series to help your child progress throughout elementary school!
  • Did you know? Reading Readiness Pre-K belongs to a whole series for pre-kindergarten students with special skills workbooks in each subject area, such as Math Readiness Pre-K!

64 Pages // ISBN: 9781487601164

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🍁 Written by teachers working in the Canadian classroom!

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