100 Practice Tests Grade 2 Workbook

Canadian Curriculum Press

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  • 500 pages
  • Subjects: Math, Science, Language, and Social Science
  • Tests and Exercises
  • Over 100 exercises per subject
  • Jumbo full colour workbook
  • Conforms to Ministry of Education Guidelines
  • ISBN: 9781487606206
  • Brand: Canadian Curriculum Press
  • Ages: 7-8years old

The 100 Practice Tests Grade Two workbook offers curriculum-based exercises and activities in Math, Language, Social Studies, and Science. It aims to test and verify your child's knowledge and identify areas that need more practice through a series of progressively challenging tests.

Key Mathematics Highlights:

  • Numbers from 0 to 1000, odd and even
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Regrouping and borrowing
  • Multiplication and division
  • Money
  • Space and direction, area, perimeter, and length
  • 2-D and 3-D shapes
  • Symmetry, patterns, and following directions
  • Time and temperature
  • Data management and probability

Key Language Highlights:

  • Uppercase and lowercase letters in alphabetical order
  • Letter sounds
  • Cursive writing
  • Articles, nouns, pronouns, and prepositions
  • Verbs and verb tense
  • Adjectives, synonyms, and antonyms
  • Punctuation and spelling in sentences
  • Rhyme words and compound words
  • Vocabulary (parts of the body, people we know, feelings, toys, hobbies, sports, colours and shapes, directions, and question words)
  • Reading comprehension and writing

Key Science Highlights:

  • Energy, states of matter and waste sorting
  • Structures, forces and movement
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Food groups
  • Animal kingdom

Key Social Studies Highlights:

  • Family and community
  • Directions
  • Maps
  • Flags
  • Holidays and events

🍁 Written by teachers working in the Canadian classroom!

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