100 Practice Tests Grade 3 Workbook

Canadian Curriculum Press

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100 Practice Tests Grade 3 Workbook: Math, Language, Social Studies, Science By Canadian Curriculum Press

Chock full of curriculum-based exercises and activities, the 100 Tests Grade Three workbook is designed to test your child’s knowledge and verify which concepts she or he understands, and which need more practice.

Test your child in each module; if they struggle, a series of increasingly challenging exercises will build their skills until they can pass the next test with flying colours.

Educational Notes Over 100 Tests Grade Three includes detailed explanations of key curriculum concepts and vocabulary as taught in Canadian schools, designed to reinforce what kids are learning in the classroom.

Accompany your child on his or her educational journey through the core concepts of Math, Science, Language, and Social Studies with interactive exercises and tests in this full colour classroom compendium.

Look for other books in the highly popular Over 100 Tests series to help your child progress throughout elementary school.

500 pages // ISBN:9781487606213

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