Puzzle Doubles - Giant ABC & 123 Train Floor Puzzles

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Two colorful cargo train puzzles: one teaching ABC's and one teaching Numbers. Each Giant Puzzle features very bright and colorful illustrations that encourage parent-child discussion about the pictured objects.

Each Giant Puzzle has 30 puzzle pieces (60 pieces total) and each puzzle measures 5-foot long (10-feet total)!

Ages 3+ years.

About this item

  • EXPLORE EARLY MATH SKILLS – One of the giant train puzzles aims to help your child learn key number recognition, sequencing and counting skills. Big, bright numbers help your child become familiar with the number shapes while they have fun counting the ever-increasing animals as they move along the train. This is reinforced by the spot patterns on each carriage.

  • A FUN WAY TO LEARN THE ALPHABET – Putting together the alphabet train puzzle is an ideal introduction to the letters of the alphabet; each puzzle piece adds another letter and each set of three letters is a new carriage of the giant train. Additionally, the images in the carriage also begin with the associated letters, offering more opportunity for discussion and learning.

  • LEARN ABOUT COLORS – Both high-quality puzzles are brightly colored and eye-catching, providing lots of opportunities to discuss and learn about colors.

  • ENCOURAGE FOCUS & PERSEVERANCE – The giant train puzzles are shaped in such a way as to motivate the child to persevere and focus until the task is complete. By adding carriages to the end of the train, the child’s excitement and enthusiasm builds as they progress – each puzzle is an incredible 5 feet long!

  • PROMOTE CONVERSATIONAL SKILLS – The fun themes are designed to get your child talking – chat about the animals, where the train might be going and enjoy the images together to encourage better conversational and socialization skills.

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AGES (3-6) Preschool years

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